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Continuous example
Continuous example

Continuous example

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Continuous Data. Tape Measure. Continuous Data can take any value (within a range). Examples: A person's height: could be any value (within the range of

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[am/is/are + present participle]. Examples: You are watching TV. Are you watching TV? You are not watching TV. Complete List of Present Continuous Forms Examples: You were studying when she called. Were you studying when she called? You were not studying when she called. Complete List of Past Continuous How to use continuous in a sentence. Example sentences with the word continuous. continuous example sentences.

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You can usually tell the difference between discrete and continuous data because discrete usually can be preceded by "number of". Here are some examples Jun 25, 2014 - You can measure continuous data. Values or observations may take on any value within a finite or infinite interval. Examples: height, time and Discrete probability distributions vs continuous probability distributions. Discrete random variables vs continuous random variables. Easy-to-follow examples.Such actions which are happening at time of speaking are expressed by present continuous tense. Present Continuous tense is also called Present progressive For example, “he was laughing.” This sentence shows ongoing action (laughing) of a person which occurred in past. Past continuous tense is also called past

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